On Location With YACHT, Architecture In Helsinki

A couple of our favorite artists are rolling out high-concept vids for their blog-sweeping tracks and were good enough to pass along some still shots from the “sets,” as it were. Doubt you’ll argue that Jona in a penny suit is sufficient for the “high-concept” tag.

And here stands YACHT the penny, with “See A Penny (Pick It Up)” vid director Matt McCormick.

Next we have Australia’s Architecture In Helsinki in Mexico, shooting the Kris Moyes-directed clip for the remix-worthy “Heart It Races” single. We don’t have access to the storyboards, but we do know the neon-clad Aussie sextet are filming in part at the famous Teotihuacán (pictured), which means “place of those who have the road of the gods” in Nahuatl. Hope that helps!

We’ll get you those vids when they’re done, but for now you can get a little behind the scenes documentary from the YACHT shoot here.