Carl Barat And Pete Doherty Reunite, Doherty Does Not Get Arrested

The Brits flipped their lids last night when Carl Barat joined Pete Doherty for 12 Libs songs and a Mama Cass & The Mamas And Papas cover during the An Evening With Pete Doherty show at the Hackney Empire. NME clearly (and understandably) was (hotly) tipped off to the event, offering up a breathless liveblog (sample entry: “Carl said ‘hello.’ He’s home!”), which makes the sly-fan quality of the resultant vid a headscratcher. Find some of it here, and “Tell The King” and “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun” below. Still debating if that Doherty duet is as entertaining as this was.

Carl and Pete’s setlist after the jump.

01 “What A Waster”
02 “Death On The Stairs”
03 “The Good Old Days”
04 “What Katie Did”
05 “Dilly Boys”
06 “Seven Deadly Sins”
07 “France”
08 “Tell The King”
09 “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun”
10 “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” (Mama Cass With The Mamas And The Papas cover)
11 “Time For Heroes”
12 “Albion”
13 “The Delaney”