The Sound That Made The Counting Crows’ Sound

Before Adam Duritz was in Counting Crows — and before he holed up with the Olsens (in a studio, pervs) — the dreadlocked singer was dread-less in a band called The Himalayans. Didn’t last long, though; Duritz’s Crows side-project got the green light from Geffen, and he left the Himalayans behind. But he’s emotional about it. Naturally. He writes:

But it was really hard to leave because they were the heart and the soul and the core and the center of the greatest musical period of my life up until that point. I would eventually have other moments, and my life in music has been amazing and incredibly rewarding, but leaving that band was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

The Himalayans (with Marty Jones on bass — “yes, THAT Jones”), which Duritz credits for “the sound that made the sound,” never released their only album She’s Like The Weather. But Adam’s fixing all that with a remastered version, out this week on his label Tyrannosaurus Records. Here’s a sample of their original version of “Round Here.” Fairly rocking, and maybe even better than the pussy version.

The Himalayans – “Round Here” (Real)

Look, you may not give a shit (even though you totally bought August And Everything After), but this post just made this guy’s life.