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Stream Del Rey Immemorial (Stereogum Premiere)

It’s tough being in an instrumental Chicago-born post-rock (or instrumental metal or post-metal, or whatever) band. Just ask Pelican drummer Larry Herweg: When there’s no vocalist, folks tend to spend more time picking apart each instrument, its associated player. Longstanding Chi-Town quintet Del Rey solve that “problem” with their signature two-drummer/double-kit builds and crashes and a denser, more atmospherically layered sound. As far as contemporary vocal-free analogues, I’d been more a fan of harder, sludgier (and now defunct) London instrumental metal crew, Capricorns, but on their fourth full-length Del Rey do something that resonates with me. The collection’s an expansive 45-minute mix of heavy and airy, the anthemic and the insular, Chinese guzheng and Japansese taiko, etc. It’s not quite metal, it’s not quite not metal. It flows easily, showcasing a well-earned complexity. Halfway through recording the album, the band’s practice space was robbed, all of their gear stolen. Maybe that has something to do with the emotional tug and melodic shift? Or maybe the full-time addition of the band’s engineer, Jason Ward, who runs Chicago Mastering Studio with Bob Weston, and now contributes to the songwriting, etc. Whatever the case, Immemorial’s one of those albums that really should be heard from start to finish, so please do so now.

Del Rey – “Return Of The Son Of Fog Rider”
Del Rey – “E Pluribus Unicorn”
Del Rey – “Innumeracy”
Del Rey – “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”
Del Rey – “Ouisch”
Del Rey – “These Children That Come at You With Knives”
Del Rey – “Ancestral”

Immemorial is out 9/28 via At A Loss. (Bonus: The band proves Dads don’t need to make Dad Music. From the one-sheet: “4 out of 5 guys in the band are dads, and they have 7 kids between them.”)

Del Rey Promo 2010

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