Robyn Unplugged on German TV

Robyn was on German morning TV last week, promoting Body Talk Pt. 2 with a couple of live, stripped down performances (you can’t really call them acoustic or unplugged, since she’s accompanied by one electric, plugged-in keyboard). She did Body Talk Pt. 1’s “Dancing On My Own,” and Pt. 2’s “Hang With Me,” though this slower form is closer to the acoustic version she does on volume 1. Despite bigger performances, in front of tougher crowds, she still comes off as shy and nervous in these clips:

Speaking of tough crowds, if you watched the MTV Video Music Awards, you might have caught Robyn singing “Dancing On My Own” for the in-house audience just before a commercial break. Weirdly, they don’t even have her full performance on MTV’s website. But here’s a clip:

We’ll be seeing a bit more of Robyn on American TV soon. She just tweeted this photo, from the set of Gossip Girl:
Robyn On Gossip Girl