Two Inch Tweedy

Hold off on buying that Bon Jovi doll! This will be a better fit to keep your Beach Toy company. Turns out Jeff Tweedy’s a big UNKL toy collector, and when the urban vinyl toy company found out they contacted Jeff about creating a limited run of 2″ UNKLs in Wilco’s likeness. The band acquiesced, and behold.

Cute! We like the one with the funny head. The mini-Wilcos will be sold in a set of six, released at San Diego Comic-Con. Anyway, Sky Blue Sky is such a grower; sure it’s no Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but O’Rourke’s not working with them anymore, they’re older, Tweedy’s not addicted to hillbilly heroin, they have dolls out in their likeness. Of course they’re gonna sound different! But it works. We were gonna back that up with some great live vid of the band doing “Hate It Here,” which you may have seen earlier today on Pitchfork. But now it’s gone! Probably a Warner thing (you know how they like their intellectual property).