God Save Naveen

Today’s installment of Stereogum’s ongoing, dire attempts to find excuses to post about LOST is, well, considerably less dire than posts past. In a flashback-worthy crossing of paths, the actor who portrays America’s favorite Iraqi torture expert, Naveen Andrews, found salvation from a life of booze and drugs in the least likely of places: at a Hollywood party, in conversation with a Sex Pistol. Naveen’s culture-shocked adolescence led him to dabble with alcohol, heroin, and pills — a fancy habit that threatened his career well into his later move to the States. Via The Telegraph:

But his drug problems persisted. ‘I remember thinking, I want to at least stop drinking for a while. I don’t know if it’s for ever, but I can’t continue like this.’

As if on cue, he had a chance meeting with the former Sex Pistol Steve Jones at a Los Angeles dinner party. ‘We ended up talking,’ Andrews recalls. ‘Obviously I admired his band because they’d been on my bedroom wall.’ But as they spoke, Andrews noticed something: Jones wasn’t drinking alcohol. ‘And on top of that, he wasn’t smoking. Or doing anything. It was: “This can’t be right. He’s a Sex Pistol.” And I sort of asked him, “Don’t you even smoke a joint?” And he’s like, “No. Nuffing, nuffing”,’ Andrews says. The following week they attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together. Andrews has now been clean and sober for four years. ‘We’re not really allowed to talk about it,’ he says of AA, ‘but I will say that it’s helped me. A lot of people think it’s silly and slag it off, but I don’t.’


[SPOILER ALERT!] How good was the last minute of last week’s return-to-form ep? So much for the “purgatory” theory. What’s Juliet’s angle? Still hoping Ben will let her off the island in exchange for being wildly deceiving with her fishbowl eyes?