New Queens Of The Stone Age (Feat. Trent Reznor) – “Era Vulgaris”

Josh Homme recruited the Strokes’ Julian Casabalancas and Bureau Of Morality director Trent Reznor for the forthcoming Era Vulgaris, out in June on Interscope. P4K spoke with Homme about what exactly an “era vulgaris” is:

It sounds like “the Vulgar Era”, which I like, because that sounds like something that I would like to be part of … I mean, I think we’re in it, and I’m stoked … Because I think our generation is, they don’t want to be dock workers or coal miners. They want to delay adolescence and prolong adolescence, prolong thought about what to do, and try to take advantage of life while it’s around, take more artistic jobs, like working at Pitchfork, playing rock music. And I totally understand that. And I also think it’s an age of disinformation, where it’s not like it’s being kept from you, it’s more like it’s being piled on top of you. And so I think every time you go to make a personal decision, it’s like more information comes to light. I think it’s not really bad, it’s more gluttony rad. It’s sort of like indecision. And I think while we’re all deciding, everyone samples a little bit of everything. And I’d like to play that party.

The album’s title track (which, awesomely, isn’t even on the album) features Trent Reznor and lyrics that match Homme’s rambling EV elaboration, though the cut itself, save a tricky beat switch or two, is pretty standard, dirty-marching QOTSA fare. And Josh added, “We’re being creative about how that song comes out.” Creative as in, Hype Machine? Take a listen at and tell us if you can hear Trent.

Era Vulgaris is out 6/12 on Interscope.

Anybody have other instances of title tracks appearing as b-sides?