New Jeff Buckley

OK, it’s spoken word (an apology to Bob Dylan!). But still, it’s enough for Buckley completists like us. Robert Zimmerman was an early supporter (and hero) of Jeff’s, but one night Buckley did a little riffing (if you have Live At Sin-E you know how funny an adlibber and impersonator he was) and poked a bit at Bob. That got back to Dylan, who was allegedly “insulted.” And this tore out Jeff’s heart. writes:

The latest from the Buckley audio archives: a never-before-released 1993 clip of Buckley at a poetry event, reading an apology letter he wrote to his idol Bob Dylan.

The reading is included on a CD accompanying the new book The Spoken Word Revolution Redux (out April 17 from Sourcebooks Inc.). In it, Buckley begs Dylan’s forgiveness for having imitated him on stage once during a show. Though the imitation was meant to flatter, Buckley worries in his apology letter that he has offended his hero, who had championed his budding career: ”I have no way of knowing how my words were translated to you… It wasn’t funny at all. And I f—ed up,” he says.

Hear the letter at A rare studio outtake it ain’t, but still it’s a satisfying listen. The tenth anniversary of Jeff’s passing is on May 29th.