Gene Simmons Has Never Tasted Better With Liquor

If Family Jewels doesn’t supply you with enough TMI about Gene Simmons, look no further than for the latest developments in the reality television star’s life. Just yesterday he wrote about an exciting new beverage that’s in the works:

After the XBOX 360 campaign I did in NY, I had to fly to Toronto with Rich Abramson re our SIMMONS ABRAMSON MARKETING venture, to meet with some folks about launching a new energy drink and a speaker entity that books high end talent for corporate events.

Gene Simmons and vodka? Sounds delicious. KISS already has their own coffee … guess that’s not caffeinated enough.

Celebrity energy drinks are mostly a rapper’s game. (See: Nelly’s Pimp Juice, Lil Jon’s CRUNK!!!, 50 Cent’s Formula 50 Vitaminwater.) So, Gene’s got his work cut out for him. But he should be able to out-taste Lil Jon; we’ve tasted CRUNK!!!, and it’s not something you don’t want to drink without Absolut.

Did you know Pete Doherty has an energy drink too?

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