New Grizzly Bear Album Gets A Title And It’s … Veckatimest

You know, one of the Elizabeth Islands of Dukes County, Massachusetts, USA.? But you already guessed that from Ed’s recent Twitter riddle:

New album title begins with the letter V. Close enough to Y for Yellow House. Only W and X getting in the way, and keeping Y and V apart.

Obviously. So let’s play some more of the name game: Until now we’ve had four song titles: “While You Wait For The Others,” “Two Weeks,” “Fine For Now” and “Cheerleader” (known in working title form as “2 Hud”). Now we can add the rest:

In no particular order, apparently:

“About Face”
“All We Ask”
“Ready, Able”
“Southern Point”
“That’s Not True”
Two Weeks
While You Wait For the Others
Fine For Now
“I Live With You”

That comes from JP’s Blog, who pieced it all together via I have no idea. Mr. Droste recently told us a bit of what to expect in a Progress Report, and according to yesterday’s Twitter update the album is mastered and done. So all that’s left is seeing what font they use on the album cover! Oh and also hearing the thing.

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