A Rolling Stone’s Love For Metal

The musician-branding is getting outta hand. OK, the rash of rocker energy drinks and sneakers are, albeit odd and unexpected, sure to hit with some kids. But a new product brings a different sort of iron-y to this wtf craze: The Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector! Bill explained the appeal of his lightweight, adjustable device in a press release:

Metal-detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it?s probably the best and the most enjoyable way of learning about our history. On any garden, country field, footpath, woodlands, beach or moor land you can find a huge variety of historical objects, all easily located with this high quality metal detector … I?ve owned many metal-detectors over the years, but none are as simple to use and effective as my own Bill Wyman Signature Detector.

Learn how to get your very own at billwymandetector.co.uk. And after a long day of picking pence from the grass in Hyde Park, why not head to Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers Cafe? Careful, though; we hear the Jumpin’ Jack Flapjacks give you gas gas gas.

UPDATE: After the jump, Bill Wyman shows you his favorite find. We know, the suspense is torture.

Wow, you really LOVE Bill Wyman, don’t you. Click the pic.