A Night Out With Klaxons (And Steve)

While on their swing through NYC last week, killing at Bowery Ballroom and filling for absentee Lily at Studio B, Klaxons took some time to do a night-on-the-town piece with the scenester-friendly publication New York Times. Their intrepid journalist tailed the Brits to a dinner of fish and white Russians at East Village Peruvian-Japanese restaurant Kión, where the crew got their Carrie Bradshaw on:

?What would I order if I was on Sex and the City??

?Does Carrie ever come here?? asked Mr. Taylor.

?Doesn?t she live in the fish-packing district?? replied Mr. Righton, who liked the sound of the fish of the day and ordered for the table. ?Trout! That?s five trouts then, and one for yourself, Steve.?

The waiter?s name was not Steve. ?We call everybody Steve,? Mr. Reynolds said dryly. ?Including each other.?

Klaxons and NYT journalist Steve then touched on the music scene back on the other side of the Atlantic:

The four Englishmen bantered quicker than the beats on their album, especially when discussing their contemporaries, like the Fratellis (?meat and veg guitar music?), and Razorlight (?his feet can?t touch the pedals on his motorbike?). Bloc Party got off easy. ?We bowled with them yesterday and they beat us just,? Mr. Reynolds said.

NME cover kids are so contentious! Before you’re too taken with the fast-talking pill-poppers, know that the article ends with the band drinking at Black And White, one Klaxon chatting with the Bravery, the other getting hairstyle tips from Josh Hartnett. That’s our duty of full disclosure.

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