Weezer Bring “Memories” To Leno, Confirm Blinkerton Tour, Working With Male Bonding

What the headline says, really. Hurley’s glory-days cut “Memories,” the one with the Jackass-themed video, was what Rivers and band delivered to Jay Leno’s late night television program, which is a thing that still exists and is doing better than I care to think about. More happily, and true to their promotion of “Memories,” the band’s label Epitaph has confirmed the “Blinkerton” tour with this statement:

This winter (November/December), Weezer will launch a multi-city U.S. tour, dubbed by fans as the “Blinkerton Tour.” The band will play two shows in each market-on the first night Weezer will play the Blue Album in its entirety, and the second night they will play Pinkerton in its entirety.

Awesome. Also on the posi end of the spectrum is this tweet from Male Bonding: “RT @TimeOutMusic Male Bonding recently went into the studio with Weezer’s River Cuomo. WOW>” So that’s happening, too. You are updated on Weezer now! After you watch this YouTube embed containing the performance of “Memories” for Jay Leno’s late night television program, and also peruse the subsequent list of all the high-profile YouTube channels Weezer “invaded” as part of their YouTube takeover day, which is a promotional activity they recently engaged in. Much as I love Rivers, he’s never met a promotional idea, or a meme, he didn’t fall in love with. Enjoy.

Weezer in yr YouTube channels:

AutoTune The News
Hot For Words
Mystery Guitar Man
Ray William Johnson
Real Annoying Orange
StSanders aka Kiss Shreds
Tay Zonday
The Key of Awesome
KeepTheHeat (Snuggie cameo)