Born Ruffians Cover Grizzly Bear (Studio Version), Ed Droste Reveals His Ideal

Last year we posted about Warp Records’ Born Ruffians in-studio performance at KEXP, covering Grizzly Bear’s “Knife,” giving the standard-in-the-making a pepped-up, jangly-guit R&B shuffle. The track got the Ruffians’ some well-deserved blog love, and now they’ve memorialized their take with a studio version that’s worth your bandwith.

Born Ruffians – “Knife” (MP3)

And hot on the heels of the Born Ruffians cover, Cansei De Ser Sexy are in the studio, nearly done with their own, eagerly anticipated version the song. So with this new and just cover rush, we asked Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste whom he would most like to see interpret the tune.

Said Ed:

Björk. I’ve always been obsessed with her — since I was in junior high — and she is consistently the most innovative and exciting artist I know of. Plus she’s so steady. All of her albums are great.

Hands down Björk.

Believe us, if that happens, we will letcha know. You won’t top Ed’s dream, but whom would you most like to see cover “Knife”? If you answered “some young kids from Atlanta,” your dreams come true below.

Tune in to Subterranean this weekend to see Grizzly host Subterranean. And if you haven’t seen the incredible video for “Knife,” you must click.