Ben Lee Gets Ripe In The Studio & Behind The Scenes With Voxtrot, Dntel

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee’s calling in some favors for Ripe, his follow up to Awake Is The New Sleep, roping in Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins, Mandy Moore, Benji Madden, and folks from Rooney on the cameo-heavy record. Below, Ben gives us a little peek at the arduous work environment he’s created in the studio.

Thinking Lee oughta get that guy to turn on his synth. Or fire him. Ben’s posting plenty of peeks at his progress in the studio on YouTube. Head here for Rooney, here for Benji Madden, and listen to Mandy Moore here (alas you can’t see her, which, we know, is pointless). If that insane collection of talent doesn’t get ya, see just how Ripe Ben’s new tunes are by watching him track “Blush” and the promisingly titled “Sex Without Love.”

Updating from the studio is the new not updating from the studio, apparently; after the jump, Dntel’s Jimmy Tamborello teaches you how to make beats in the control booth, and Voxtrot offers the first installment of an eight-part “Behind The Recording Of Voxtrot” documentary, which likely will be more interesting than the record itself.

Dntel’s Jimmy Tamobrello Gives A Tour Of The Studio

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