Haunting The Chapel

Haunting The Chapel Presents: Mischief Night/Halloween With Krieg & Woe @ The Knitting Factory

In March 2009, as part of my now defunct Show No Mercy series, I put on a show with Krieg, woe, Liturgy, and Malkuth at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. And it fucking snowed. A lot. Krieg doesn’t play very often (or at all) in NYC, so ever since that unexpected blizzard (and an amazing set), I wanted to do another show with him/the band he puts together. As mentioned a few weeks ago when I posted “All Paths To God,” Krieg’s new album The Isolationist is his strongest to date (and that new Twilight album’s also pretty killer). N. Imperial’s Candlelight labelmates, current tourmates, and snowstorm show cohorts woe are also about to release one of the year’s best metal albums Quietly, Undramatically. They played the Alcest show I did with Blackened Music in April and easily stole the night. All of that in mind, fresh off our Altar Of Plagues collaboration, Fred from BrooklynVegan and I decided to work together again and host Krieg and woe in New York City for a special late-night/early-morning Halloween event. Fugazi would approve of the ticket prices:

What better way to spend the transition from Mischief Night to Halloween than at a black metal show? Especially one that includes two of our best American black metal crews, no filler. It’ll take place at the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. We’re opening doors at 11:59 on Saturday, 10/30. If you’re already at the Knitting Factory for the earlier A.G.E./Hellshock show, you can stick around and watch Krieg and woe for $2. If you’ve been at home doing shots of absinthe all night, can only make it to the club for Krieg and woe, the show will cost you $5. Purchase tickets at ticketfly.com and scour knittingfactory.com.

All the details are on the above flyer, which Sophie Penrose drew for us. Download a massive version of at Mediafire and admire the details on a microscopic level.

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