Bloc Party Cover Nelly Furtado

Shouldn’t be shocked by that post title; Kele’s been a sucker for the pop tarts from the start. In fact, he’s going on to any ear he can find about another such star’s forthcoming single. From an interview Klaxons did with Radar:

I’m more excited about Britney than anything. We did a TV show with Bloc Party yesterday, and I’m not sure how much of the truth [singer, guitarist] Kele was telling us, but he was saying that he heard one of the new Britney Spears tracks, and it was life-changing. So that’s more exciting to me.

Well that’s exciting to us too, but that’s for another time. Back to Bloc Party’s love for Billboard artists. The band did the Jo Whiley’s morning show on Radio 1 recently and turned out a tribute to Furtado and Timba’s #1 hit, “Say It Right.” Well worth the listen … and you’ll realize that very little separates Kele and Nelly’s songwriting.

But if you’re still wondering why Bloc Party would cover the tune, think of it as Kele’s resumé submission to Timbaland.