Make Your Very Own Volta Cover

The viral Volta onslaught wasn’t enough to appease Björk fans’ appetites and impatience for the record’s release, so the photoshop savvy among ‘em have taken matters into their own laptops. Stereogum reader Kevin sent over a bundle of spoofs on Björk’s album art. In this one, her suit is black not.

Perfect for a contest! Give us your best parody of the Volta cover. Click here for the original art work, and here for the alternate art that leaked a few weeks back. There’s only one rule: Entries must be 400 x 400 pixels. Oh and you gotta e-mail ‘em to tips @ by Tuesday, April 24th at 6PM EST. Best submission wins a copy of the CD when it’s released. There’s a bunch of good ones floating around the internet already, so no cheating! We’ve seen ‘em all. If you’re looking for inspiration, some of the better ones are after the jump.

Volta is out 5/8 on Atlantic.

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