Zach Hill – “The Primitives Talk”

Just in time to redirect and personally absorb some of the manifold impending plaudits for his ever inventive, fierce, lyrical drum work on Marnie Stern’s forthcoming (and excellent) third LP Marnie Stern, Zach Hill has made this video for his forthcoming solo release Face Tat. I went into the cameos and the bi-coastal polarity of the album and the single “Memo To The Man” last time, here it’s about computer generated beauty salons and manicured, probably press-on nails and their psychedelic properties, as they do common things like knock out syncopated synth lines or tap out emails at a keyboard or float disembodied through kaleidoscopic portals, possibly toying with floating cubes of plasma along the way. It’s the most psychedelic video focusing on press-on nails ever probably. Very normal. Directed by Stephanie Davidson.

(via P4K)

Face Tat is out 10/19 via Sargent House.