Patti Smith Covers Nirvana

Covering Patti’s great covers album Twelve was a given, but we were torn between this track and “Boy In The Bubble” (Vampire Weekend’s got us on a Graceland kick) — but, we figured a “Smells Like Teen Spirit” cover piques more curiosity. Everyone who’s heard the album notes the strength with which she’s singing these days. Credit that to deep breathing, healthy living. Via Contact:

“I used to sing through my nose; I was always a sickly, bronchial child. But I’ve never had issues with drink or drugs, and I don’t smoke. “So now I’ve got healthy.”

[Pic from Patti’s set at Lollapalooza ’06.]

In other words, she’s not singing like Chris Richardson. Anyway, Patti’s take on “Teen Spirit” dials down the grunge and brings in some banjo, morphing the seminal cut into a heart-stricken lullaby.

Twelve is out 4/24 on Sony. For those in the NYC area, there are a few bricks-and-mortar retailers that will give you a free ticket to Smith’s three-shows-in-one-night release-night gig at Bowery Ballroom with your purchase of Twelve. Take the jump for deets.