Alternate Tokyo Police Club Video – “Cheer It On” (And Trey Told Em Remix)

The original clip for TPC’s “Cheer It On” had the Canadian quartet in a frozen forest, but the original doesn’t even feature the band. Not live versions of ‘em anyway; Tokyo Police Club turn up as lilliputian figures in an elder gent’s miniature city, inciting indie rock anarchy with a climax straight outta Gulliver’s Travels.

And on the heels of RAC’s awesome “Be Good” remix, Trey Told Em (Greg Gillis and Frank Musarra) offers up an Girl Talk-styled take on “Cheer It On,” giving the track a facelift, keeping the vox and toying with some dancefloor shout outs.

Tokyo Police Club – “Cheer It on (Trey Told Em Remix)” (MP3)


UPDATE: Make that three TPC remixes in two weeks. The Go! Team take the wound-up Tokyo tune and give it a shuffling scuttle pulse, reprising the song as a lazy-day head-bopper. Hear it at MySpace.