Download Kanye’s “Lord Lord Lord,” Meet His Yale Life Coach

Kanye West’s series of weekly digital singles (G.O.O.D. Fridays) was slightly late last week, with “Lord Lord Lord” appearing Saturday morning. It’s another easygoing track featuring former Gap Band singer Charlie Wilson alongside West, Mos Def, Raekwon, and Swizz Beatz. Listen below, and go to to download it in exchange for your email address.

Kanye West – “Lord Lord Lord” (Feat. Mos Def, Raekwon, Swizz Beatz, and Charlie Wilson)

Earlier last week, IvyGate posted a story about Kanye West’s new life and style advisor, Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay. Clay is a 6’5″ tall Yale sophomore who comes from a powerful family full of congressmen, abolitionists, suffragists, horse breeders, and military men. The story of how this lanky, young Yale student and West became friends is like the beginning of a romantic comedy. Writes IvyGate:

Cassius is doing what the does best: dropping tin at expensive, trendy designer stores. The lucky retailer of the day is Barney’s, New York. Today, his outfit is impeccable, topped off with high-end Italian designer shoes. In the midst of shopping, a man approaches Cassius, taps him on the shoulder, and tells him that he really, really loves the footwear. Cassius looks up; it’s Kanye West. Cassius keeps it cool, thanks him, and introduces himself. The stars align; history is made. (This moment will almost certainly be reenacted dramatically on Behind The Music.)

The two get to talking as they shop. Kanye loves Cassius’ style, his attitude, his patrician hipsterdom. They talk for over half an hour. Kanye begins to reveal a little more about himself: his reinvention in the wake of the Taylor Swift disaster, and his thoughts on life, art, philosophy, hos (maybe), etc. Cassius advises the rapper on his day’s purchases. Eventually the two leave the store, shopping bags in tow, and exchange phone-numbers and emails. Kanye promises to keep in touch. And oh, does he.

West asked Clay to drop out of Yale for the year and travel with him during one of the most challenging years of West’s life, and Clay accepted.

It seems like an unlikely friendship, but from the photos you can see how they’d find common ground in their reinventions. By the few photos on IvyGate, it seems like Clay likes doing odd twists on upper class clothing, playing with the idea of masculinity and tradition that come attached to his name. It’s definitely unusual, but not that unusual for Kanye West.