New Montag – “Best Boy Electric”

Montag is Montreal’s Antoine Bédard, an electronica artist with some indie friends in high places. For his forthcoming Carpark LP, Bédard rounded up Amy Millan, Owen Pallett, Ghislain Poirier, Au Revoir Simone, M83’s Anthony Gonzales and Beach House’s Victoria Legrand (among even more) to provide vocal comfort to his Russian Futuristic soundscapes. This is one of the few without a guest appearance but well worth cuing up in the Gum Mix.

Montag – “Best Boy Electric” (MP3)

The album’s lush, bliptastic title track “Going Places” features a cavalcade of fancy friends, though. Hear it at MySpace.

Going Places is out 6/5 on Carpark. Tracklist and cameo assignments after the jump.

01 I Have Sound [Featuring M83’s Anthony Gonzales]
02 Best Boy Electric
03 Mechanical Kids [Featuring Amy Millan]
04 Alice [Featuring Ghislain Poirier]
05 322 Water [Featuring Great Aunt Ida’s Ida Nilsen]
06 Softness, I Forgot Your Name [Featuring Owen Pallett]
07 Safe in Sound [Featuring Amy Millan]
08 Hi-5 Au DJ
09 Hands Off, Creature! [FeaturingLeah Abramson]
10 > (Plus Grand Que) [Featuring Beach House’s Victoria Legrand]
11 No One Else [Featuring Au Revoir Simone]
12 Going Places [Featuring Isan, Ghislain Poirier, E*Rock, Vitaminsforyou, Ckid]

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