Nobunny – “Live It Up” (Stereogum Premiere)

Longtime rabbit-suited garage rocker Nobunny, aka Tucson’s biggest Ramones/Cramps fan Justin Champlin and a revolving cast of other characters, is back with a new album First Blood. A song like “Live It Up” isn’t going to change the world, no, but it will make the one we have more fun for a couple minutes. As the press release notes, “Nobunny is so happy, he makes the 1910 Fruitgum Co. sound like Joy Division.” Or, as Jay Reatard said re: his old tourmate’s Love Visions in his 2008 Best Of List:

Every once in a while a record comes my way that I just can’t stop listening to you know like an instant classic of sorts. Forget the bunny mask forget the wig forget the kinda corny gimmick . Behind all that lies some of the best lo-fi ramonesy punk slop I have heard in years.For sure the best record I own to jump around in your underwear and and eat pizza in bed to!

Nobunny – “Live It Up”

First Blood is out 9/21 via Goner.

Nobunny Promo 2010
[Photo by Owen Cook]

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