New Björk – “Innocence”

This fan-made vid contest is all the rage these days, eh? Well, the best part about Björk’s contest to let you create the video for “Innocence” is that, this time, everybody wins — ’cause she had to let you hear the song before Volta released! Congratulations. Head to MySpace to take a listen of the track, which sounds like the Björkish vox you know and love, set to alien tractor beams invading a training scene out of Rocky.

And if you’re looking for ways to avoid being out in the 70º weather this weekend, fire up Photoshop and enter OUR Make Your Own Volta cover contest. If you’re struggling, head here for better source material. (It also makes a sweet desktop background.) Björk’s performing on SNL this weekend, ScarJo to host. Here’s hoping for a Björk cameo as Alberto Gonzales. Two unfunny promos after the jump.