2010 Polaris Prize: Karkwa Wins, Owen Pallett Joins Tegan & Sara

Karkwa, a Montreal-based quintet that sings in French, beat out Broken Social Scene, Caribou, Owen Pallett, Shad, Tegan & Sara, The Besnard Lakes, and others for the Polaris Music Prize last night. Their second fourth LP, Les Chemins De Verre (The Glass Paths) won the $20,000 prize (announced by last year’s winners Fucked Up, who donated the money to charity). A lot of the shortlist nominees were there to perform at the ceremony last night, including Tegan & Sara, who did “The Ocean” with Pallett (also a previous winner) on violin. Watch:

And here are the winners, Karkwa, performing at the ceremony:

[Tegan & Sara & Owen pic via @TeganAndSara.]