Henry Rollins On George W. Bush

The A.V. Club sat down with Rollins and had Henry answer reader mail about the state of the union and the country’s political direction. You won’t be surprised to know he’s got an opinion about Dubya. Though his answer may surprise you.

A.V. CLUB: Do you give credit to George W. in any area, or do you feel (as most in this A.V. Club demographic seem to) that every single thing he has done in seven years has been sinister, self-serving, and/or stupid? ?Pete Deeble

HENRY ROLLINS: I think the Bush administration has done almost, if not all, the things they set out to do, and in record time. I am sure they are well impressed with themselves. I think that all the peace and prosperity we enjoy now, our surplus of cash, and good standing in the world is a testament to?

Oh, wait, that was the other guy. Yes, I guess that I am one of those people who would probably be going with that whole “sinister and stupid” thing. I guess I am part of that “A.V. Club demographic,” the one that comprises more than 60 percent of America. It’s strange to be in the majority, I’m not used to it.

Gotcha! It’s okay, he got us too.

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