Bigmouths Strike Again: Starlet Slags American Bands Edition

An American actress would like it to be known she listens to music and she has an opinion: American songwriters ain’t what they used to be.

[She] reminisces about the music she listened to as a child, from the likes of Guns ‘N Roses to the soundtrack of musical Les Miserables, but admits she isn’t a fan of the artists which dominate today’s charts. She says, “It’s harder to find great music these days. We have Amy Winehouse now, I guess and Bono (of U2). But still our biggest bands back home are crap … We don’t have a Bob Dylan; where are all the great writers? We don’t have enough new great talent. We just don’t have the inspirational songs that pop out.”

Guess the thespian, take the jump.

(via Contact)