Interpol Possibly Release Street Date And Tracklist … But Still No Title

The other day, Interpol posted a lovely scene of snow-capped peaks and the date 7.10.07 on their site, and the web surmised this corresponds to the forthcoming record’s release date. That’s fair, though we’re waiting to hear a good explanation for the accompanying pic. (Carlos D’s vacay Flickr maybe?)

And today, Jeremy informs us of the record’s tracklist. For the fanatics:

[Redacted per Impose Magazine’s request]

We don’t have anything on the record’s title, so you can expect another round of web posts when that last bit leaks (buzz bands, take note). If ya missed it, head here for live clips of “Pioneer To The Falls” and “The Heinrich Maneuver.” Despite the wholesome goodness of the above postcard pic, their antics are much the same as you last remember.

UPDATE: A day later, Interpol confirms what we posted yesterday. Not sure why Impose Mag needed the tracklist taken down, but for those that are curious, knock yourselves out! Oh, and the record’s got a name now: Our Love To Admire. Sweet.

01 “Pioneer To The Falls”
02 “No I In Threesome”
03 “The Scale”
04 “The Heinrich Maneuver”
05 “Mammoth”
06 “Pace Is The Trick”
07 “All Fired Up”
08 “Rest My Chemistry”
09 “Who Do You Think”
10 “Wrecking Ball”
11 “The Lighthouse”


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