Close Encounters Of The Stones’ Kind

Fans with a shared love of rock icons and unidentified flying objects will be enthralled by Alien Rock: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, a book by Michael C. Luckman which compiles anecdotal evidence in support of the existence of extraterrestrial life from Earth’s most reliable witnesses: drugged up rock stars. Luckman divulges Mick Jagger’s alien experiences to BANG Showbiz (via ShowBiz Spy):

“Mick Jagger has been very involved with the subject of UFOs for many years.

“In 1968 he went camping in Glastonbury with his then girlfriend, singer Marianne Faithful, and encountered a rare, luminous cigar-shaped mothership.

“Around the same time Mick had a UFO detector installed at his British estate. The alarm kept on going off whenever he left home, indicating the presence of strong electromagnetic activity in the immediate area.”

The 63-year-old singer also sighted a UFO over the crowd during The Rolling Stones’ infamous 1969 Altamont Concert in California.

Mick is not the only member of the band to believe in aliens.

Sure, you think you know which other Stone believes in E.T. But the answer might actually surprise you…

Yeah, we just lied.

Sadly, Keith Richard’s 91-year-old mum died over the weekend, and no, we won’t go there. That’s what you read the NY Post for.