Finest Worksongs: Athens Bands Play The Music Of R.E.M.

Cool project for R.E.M. lovers. Back in September of ’06, a host of Athens artists including Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood, Tin Cup Prophette, and The Observatory (featuring 14 Elephant 6ers) pulled together to pay live tribute to the city’s favorite sons. Thankfully, the evening was set to tape and will see release on Athens-based Iron Horse Records, with proceeds benefiting two GA community charities. Here are two culled from the record’s 19 tracks: Hood’s raw rocking “Burning Hell,” stacked on the Observatory’s snake-charming slant on “Feeling Gravity’s Pull.”

Patterson Hood – “Burning Hell” (MP3)
The Observatory – “Feeling Gravity’s Pull” (MP3)

Finest Worksongs: Athens Bands Play The Music Of R.E.M. is out 5/29 on Iron Horse Records. Tracklist after the jump.

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01. “The One I Love” – Liz Durrett*
02. “Wendell Gee” – Claire Campbell
03. “Leave” – Tin Cup Prophette
04. “Perfect Circle” – Modern Skirts
05. “Finest Worksong” – Bain Mattox
06. “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville” – Bain Mattox
07. “Fall On Me” – Bain Mattox
08. “Underneath The Bunker” – The Observatory
09. “Pilgrimage” – The Observatory
10. “Feeling Gravitys Pull” – The Observatory
11. “So. Central Rain (I?m Sorry)” – Patterson Hood
12. “Burning Hell” – Patterson Hood
13. “Second Guessing Intro” – Patterson Hood
14. “Second Guessing” – Patterson Hood
15. “Belong” – Patterson Hood
16. “Fiver 8″ – Five Eight
17. “Leaving New York” – Five Eight
18. “Radio Free Europe” – Five Eight
19. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) ” – Five Eight & Everyone

* recorded November 15, 2006 at the EARL (Atlanta, GA)