Friday Celeb Gossip

From NY Post

You Didn’t Get Punk’d!
At Hollywood’s El Compadre restaurant the other night, a couple was discussing an episode of VH1 Behind the Music about the Spice Girls, which reported that the band fired their manager before they had success. Suddenly, Scary Spice herself came to the table and started berating the couple. “My friends proceeded to apologize,” said a source. “Scary Spice then revealed that she thought she was being Punk’d.”

Gwyneth Already Married?
Did Gwyneth Paltrow secretly get married to lover Chris Martin? The pregnant star was sporting an engagement and a wedding ring during Monday night’s Music Has Power Award ceremonies at Lincoln Center. A Hollywood insider said, “Gwyneth is not the kind of person to get pregnant out of wedlock.” Spies say there is a wedding reception for “an Oscar-winning actress” Sunday at 60 Thompson Hotel.

From MTVNews

Where’s Courtney?
In rehab! Love checked into Wavelengths live-in facility on November 21, and though the process of detoxification is slow, sources close to the singer said she’s making progress.

It’s A Dead Man’s Party
Spike Jones & Sofia Coppola are getting divorced. But Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda are getting married! So it all evens out. Phew.

From Entertainment Weekly

12 Bar Blues
Stone Temple Pilots are officially over. Could another miserable Talk Show album be far behind?