Bright Eyes Is Generous When He’s Drunk

Conor tends to fall when he’s wasted. We last saw that act during Conor’s Digital Ash tour at Webster ’05, when he took an unintended pratfall during an overly enthusiastic slam dance. But folks at Oberst’s show in Milwaukee Sunday night got the bonus boozed up Bright Eyes treatment: free guitars for all! Mirr World was on hand with details:

After finishing up one of his songs, Conor just took his guitar off, dropped it and ran off the stage. No one really knew what the hell was going on. All of a sudden you saw the tour manager dart across the stage after him. Then the tour manager darted back the other way and returned carrying a bottle of water. I would bet some good money he ran off the stage to puke because when he returned to the stage he wasn’t wearing his suit coat. No one was sure if this meant the set was done and it was the encore so everyone just kind of stood there. Eventually people started clapping but it was basically just awkwardness. Eventually he came back out on stage and you just didn’t know what to expect. You knew he was going to do some stupid shit and I was pretty damn excited to find out what! The rest of the band wasn?t too excited because they were all looking around thinking, ?What the hell is wrong with him!??

And later…

Conor incessantly started HANDING HIS GUITARS TO THE AUDIENCE! This was so weird and hilarious. His manager had to keep running out on the stage to grab them back.

Muzzle Of Bees has more:

At some point he decided to give his guitars to the crowd after each song, prompting his stage hand and manager into the crowd to retrieve the instruments constantly. For the encore he made two attempts at stage diving into the crowd and again needed to be retrieved by management/security. This happened after an altogether frightening fall from the orchestral area which for a moment looked much more serious than it eventually appeared to be.

They speak truth…

He’s a right mess there, but at least his nails looked fabulous!

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