What Lily Likes

Those MySpace blog posts not offering enough insight into the condition of Lily’s psyche? P4K is there to help, taking advantage of Ms. Allen’s newfound free time by asking about her favorite shit in the world. But Lil’s got her own, albeit predictable, spin on things. Asked about her favorite band, she offered her least favorite instead:

I hate that band The View: they’re Worst New Band. I think they sound like a cross between the Proclaimers and Arctic Monkeys. But I like the Arctic Monkeys.

Her favorite video game? The Sims, obviously. But how about the best thing on the telly?

Actually, I watched a show Sunday night before last called Brothers & Sisters– with Ally McBeal in it, or whatever her name is… Calista Flockhart– which I really liked.

So, not always predictable. Haven’t seen Brothers & Sisters, but we always pegged her for an Office sorta girl. At least something a bit more cheeky with a lot more booze.

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