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NY Mag broke the sad news that our local neighborhood nightlife scene was about to deteriorate further, as one of the most beautiful People, Pete Wentz, has decided to invade the East Village with a bar that serves as a refuge for society’s cast offs. We support the idea of inclusiveness, naturally. It’s just the Fall Out Boy part of the idea that hurts. Well, Wentz expanded on the bar’s mission statement:

This is a bar for all the rejects, Whoever comes, comes…

Awesome! So you can totally hang out with Fall Out Boy. Right, Pete?

…but basically, we can only hold 200 people, so when we hit capacity, we hit capacity.

Got it. Get there early…

Though my friends will always get in.

OK, so get there early, and hope Gym Class Heroes don’t turn up? What if they come later?

Maybe we could just toss the boring people out. If you?re not dancing, there?s somebody else who will.

Oh, cool. So you mean it’ll be just like all those selective trendy bullshit places we already hate, only you’ll be the one to own it. In our hood. This is great!

Whatever, of course we’re still curious. Thanks to this UrbanDaddy review of Angels & Kings, we know what to expect.

So you may have already heard about a bar opening Friday in the East Village owned by a few bands and their managers called Angels and Kings. We got past the door (and the name) to tell you what you can expect.

Launched in part as a hangout for the members of Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is… and Gym Class Heroes, Angels and Kings?or AK-47, as the kids are calling it?is your chance to sip a cheap bottle of beer and chat up attractive TRL aficionadas. The signature touches of the large and divey one-room bar are framed mug shots of the likes of Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious, Lil’ Kim and Frank Sinatra (thank you, public records). Also mounted on the wall: a jukebox so you can play songs from the guys who own the place?or better yet, the ones featured in photographs.

From 5 to 8 p.m., bartender Dan Ryan (Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge) will serve up two-for-one drinks (including a solid Dark and Stormy). As for entertainment, you won’t lack for it here: The bar will host impromptu acoustic shows; “Starlette Sundays,” a gathering of NYC lesbians (and you thought you had little interest in Pete Wentz); karaoke battles and a Sinatra night the first Monday of every month.

Old Blue Eyes and Gym Class Heroes?together at last.

Angels and Kings, 500 E. 11th St (between Aves A and B), 212-254-4090

We’ll stick to Hi Fi, thanks.

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