New Battles – “Leyendecker”

The genre-splicing, conceptual-mindfuck maelstrom that is Battles first full-length will finally see release late next month, though good web trolls like yourselves have already seen the stellar, Mirrored vid for their kick-ass “Atlas”…

Much as we love the more challenging stuff on this album (“Race:In” to “Atlas” may be the most ambitiously gratifying one-two album opener of ’07), the track we have for ya comes as a stop for breath on the tracklist, a relatively static, metronomic groove-based workout, welding quirky filtered vox to Battles deep-pocket funk.

Battles – “Leyendecker” (MP3)

From there it’s back to the math, though, with the progged-up slammer “Rainbow.” If you can’t tell, we love these guys. The avant rockers’ opus Mirrored is out 5/22 on Warp. After the jump, behind the scenes of the “Atlas” video.

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