Fountains Of Wayne @ Webster Hall, NYC 4/24/07

Though tickets were still available as of yesterday morning, by 10PM Webster was a sea of mostly middle-aged bodies, on hand to take in the live style of quintessential power pop gurus Fountains Of Wayne. Traffic And Weather may not be up to snuff with Fountains Of Wayne or Welcome Interstate Managers, but it does have its moments — and the band’s near perfect setlist (sadly, no “Red Dragon Tattoo”) dug catalogue-deep and aimed to please. On hand for the evening’s festivities were our everpresent indie rock celebs Albert Hammond, Jr. and the ubiquitous Iha (stop stalking us, James), and a three-man horn section whom FoW brought out to blow from “Strapped For Cash” through “Mexican Wine.” Chris’s voice was shot from some strain of illness, so Jody had us sing the hook of second encore “Bright Future In Sales.”

Actually, this was round two with FoW for us this week; we caught ‘em rock the Apple store in SoHo Friday night. Was a short set there, couple of tunes they’d repeat at Webster (“Hackensack,” “Yolanda Hayes,” “Joe Rey”) — and at both shows, a very psyched crowd. (Also, the sound system at Apple is amazing. Why did we not know this? Feel stupid for missing that Rapture show way back when.) Take the jump for more pics, setlist supplies, and vid of the crowd-enhanced “Bright Future In Sales.”

“Bright Future In Sales”

01 “No Better Place”
02 “Denise”
03 “Barbara H.”
04 “Someone To Love”
05 “Fire In The Canyon”
06 “Hackensack”
07 “Hey Julie”
08 “Strapped For Cash”
09 “Yolanda Hayes”
10 “Mexican Wine”
11 “I-95″
12 “It Must Be Summer”
13 “Stacy’s Mom”
14 “Radiation Vibe”
15 “Traffic And Weather”
16 “Joe Rey”
17 “Sink To The Bottom”
18 “Bright Future In Sales”