El Guincho – “Bombay” Video (NSFW)

Before “FM Tan Sexy“‘s R&B/pop-radio ghosts, it was the syncopated steel of “Bomaby” introducing us to BTW El Guincho’s Pop Negro. The track now has its own NSFW video — it’s actually the trailer for a film that shares its name and works as filmmaker Nicolás Mendez’s interpretation of the album. NSFW, you ask? As the folks at IFC put it, “Lots of painted breasts, breasts with sparklers, breasts with guns, foot sucking — I think there may be a sex act with some kind of vacuum cleaner too.” A woman also licks a branch, because this is ultimately about a connection to nature, right? It was directed by the Mendez. El Guincho plays Carl Sagan.

(Via IFC)

El Guincho – “Bombay”

Pop Negro is out via Young Turks. Look for Bombay the movie in 2011.