Inbetween Days

Today kicks off MORRISSEY WEEK in New York, and I’m as excited as the rest of the ’80s Anglophiles. There’s a copy of the album floating around my office; I gotta hear it before the Apollo show.

Then on June 29, my other favorite androgynous mope-rocker Robert Smith delivers a self-titled Cure CD that he claims is the band’s best work (don’t they always?).

He told NME: “There was a moment where we had to decide whether to do some conceptual experiment with nothing over 100 [beats-per-minute], and all of us with our heads down making a heavy, heavy album, but it wouldn’t be as good. The best Cure albums have a balance.”

It’s produced by Ross Robinson, who has worked with Limp Bizkit and Slipknot. Ohhhh boy.

The band played Coachella last night. I wasn’t there, but I’m assuming Robert had wild hair and red lips.

Oh, wait… I found a photo:

Some things never change.

Here’s Yo La Tengo covering the Cure’s “Close To Me” from WFMU’s annual live-by-request show a few weeks ago (check out Sunsquashed for more YLT tracks from the show).

Yo La Tengo – “Close To Me”

If anyone hears the new Cure disc, lemme know!


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