Cool Mark Ronson Not Down With Pitchfork

For many a scenester on this side of the Atlantic, ‘it’ is cool if Pitchfork says so. Funny to think that, on the other side of the ocean, it’s a nod from (or at least association with) Mark Ronson that dubs thee hip. (Just ask the “LDN Is A Victim” kids.) So what we have here is a slow-brewing duel of cool. Via NME:

NME: Hello, Mark. Does the weight of cool hang heavy on your shoulders … Every day, you get out of bed, ‘God God, I’m cool Mark Ronson, what cool things can I do today?’ You go down the shops and you have to buy something ‘cool’…

MARK RONSON: (Laughs) Well, I’ve never really been ‘cool’ before. Especially in New York. There’s a lot of those really ‘crusading’ and very serious music websites such as Pitchfork and I specifically can’t stand that one. They wrote about Amy Winehouse. ‘She’s terrible, she should go fuck off.’ I mean, that’s some serious bullshit.

Sure that was an unnecessarily harsh news item from P4K, but maybe this, too, informs your opinion, Mark?

We tease, Ronson knows we love him and can’t shut up about how great Version is. And it will always be amusing to know he DJ’d TomKat’s wedding. Fortunately, New York Magazine asked him about that special night…

He also takes on the occasional high-profile assignment, like the TomKat wedding last year in Bracciano, Italy, where, like all the hired help, he aimed to please. ?I think it was the first time I?ve ever played a J.Lo record,? he says. ?Tom came up to me and was like, ?You?re killing it, man.? He literally said, ?You?re killing it.???

Sadly, we can so picture that.


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