Jesus And Mary Chain Reunited, Disinterested

Every Indio-bound indie rock fan will be crowding around Coachella’s cleverly named “Coachella Stage” tonight at 7:40 for a performance from reunited Scottish alt-rockers Jesus And Mary Chain. No competition, there (sorry, Felix Da Housecat).

Last night, however, Pomona’s Glass House hosted the real first reunion show since 1998. And LAist was there for the reunion tour preview…

The Reid Brothers started off rocky, kept it slow, and seemed generally disinterested to be there. Or perhaps they were still pissed off at Rock for not delivering them all the riches they so deserve.

Singer Jim Reid seemed pissed off. Maybe he’s always like that. Who knows? But after they had played a few songs he asked the crowd, “Happy we’re back?” Which of course got a huge cheer. He replied, “fuck off” and looked at the drummer.

Fun! At least Jim wasn’t drunk enough to warrant refunding ticketbuyers (that actually happened at the last show at House Of Blues, 9/12/98).

But what you really wanna know is … did Scarlett Johansson sing backup?

Of course not. Cheers to Cat Dirt Sez for making up such a juicy rumor, and ran with it. In the end, Annie Hardy of Giant Drag lent her pipes to “Just Like Honey.” Which is probably for the best. taped it for posterity:

And here, via LAist, is some shaky vid of “Reverence.”