Coachella Starts Here

We’ll be blogging live from Coachella this weekend, provided we continue to find free Internets. If you’re not at the festival (which is probably the case if you’re reading this) know that you can stream performances live at AT&T Blueroom. London’s Noisettes just closed a raucous set in the Mojave Tent with “Don’t Give Up.” The trio’s acrobatic singer/bassist Shingai Shoniwa stomped, screeched, stood atop the drumkit, and stuck her bare foot in the face of a front-row photog. Hope that’ll end up on Flickr.

If you tune in right now you’ll see Tokyo Police Club, fresh from a network TV debut and indie label bidding war, rip through “If It Works.” Below you’ll find the streaming schedule for the rest of the day. Set times PST (though our blog posts will remain stamped EST just to be confusing consistent.)

04:35 PM Tokyo Police Club
05:35 PM Tilly and the Wall
06:25 PM Of Montreal
07:15 PM Rufus Wainwright
08:10 PM Arctic Monkeys
09:05 PM Stephen Marley featuring Jr. Gong
09:55 PM Sonic Youth
10:45 PM Björk

We’ll be delighting you all weekend with crisp photos and incomplete setlists. Stay hydrated, kids!