Coachella: Interpol Unleashes Its Antics

Who’d want to follow the Johansson And Mary Chain’s triumphant showing? Doubt they had a say in the matter, but the onus fell on the gloomy lads of Interpol to appease a massive crowd of JAMC leftovers, Björk anticipators, and fans of tapered black slacks. Following a stage-setting slab of ambient noise, Daniel Kessler struck the chiming, minor-key guitar line of Our Love To Admire slow jam “Pioneer To The Falls,” the first of three tunes — along with “Mammoth” and Paul’s jilted-lover lament “The Heinrich Maneuver” — from the forthcoming, July-released record. (Hear “Pioneer” and “The Heinrich Maneuver” here.)

New stuff sounded good, but the crowd was in it for the hits. As the last of “Pioneer” faded out, Banks’s guitar kicked off an kick-ass “Obstacle 1,” met with the requisite fest-wide roar of approval. This the Brooklyn kids’ first tour since October ’05, but you wouldn’t know it if we didn’t just tell ya. The shite was tight, straight through to set-closing pummel and joy division of “Not Even Jail.”

And not to be outdone with celeb starpower, Interpol drew a VIP cheering section with Paris Hilton and a crew of cronies standing front row (on a rafter so as not to be missed). No celeb duets for this set. Thank god. More sweet pics from our now-operational cam (including one of our inevitable Parisite sighting) and full setlist after the jump.

01 “Pioneer To The Falls”
02 “Obstacle 1″
03 “NARC”
04 “Say Hello To The Angels”
05 “Mammoth”
06 “Slow Hands”
07 “Leif Erikson”
08 “The Heinrich Maneuver”
09 “Evil”
10 “Not Even Jail”