New York Minute

Rumor has it the new Mary-Kate and Ashley flick is not very good, but will appeal to pedophiles (they’re in towels for a lot of the movie). I’ve heard Bob Saget’s cameo is the best part.

The Olsens have got nothing on Lindsay Lohan. Mean Girls is awesome. A big gold star to Tina Fey for writing the first high school movie that gets the teen dialogue down.

MSNBC offers a breakdown of the new Tween Brat Pack, yearbook-style.

Lindsay Lohan
Age: 17 (turns 18 in July)
Most likely to: Have a drug scandal and career resurrection a la Drew Barrymore.

Amanda Bynes-Grambo
Age: 18
Most likely to: Disappear without a trace and then re-emerge a la Ally Sheedy in some edgy art film in a couple years.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Age: 17 (turn 18 in June)
Most likely to: Have a sex-tape scandal a la Paris Hilton, which like Hilton?s scandal will only serve to boost their careers more.

Anne Hathaway
Age: 21
Most likely to: Get a dramatic hair cut and star in a romantic weeper a la Demi Moore in Ghost.

Mandy Moore
Age: 20
Most likely to: Give up movies for the theater and win a Tony.

Hilary Duff
Age: 18
Most likely to: Star in a remake of Gidget.