Coachella: Björk Lays Early Claim To Set Of Fest

Not that Coachella’s a competition … but of course it is. Who’s gonna turn in the show to set tongues wagging (à la Daft Punk)? It’s only been a day, we know, and there’s so much left to see. But it’s tough to think anything could top last night’s sensational set under the stars from Icelandic icon Björk. For the none of you who don’t know her, allow Patton Oswalt’s Aunt Ori (a.k.a. Patton Oswalt, at Coachella with his Comedians Of Comedy show) fill you in (via FILTER):

Björk, besides naming herself after this adorable notions shelf I bought at IKEA … sings songs that makes you think she lives in a wee seashell on a magic groundhog’s adventure belt.

Something like that. True to Aunt Ori’s depiction, Björk hit the stage with a heart-patterned, scarf-slung headdress and a rainbow-Hawaiian-cavewoman getup, bouncing and wailing through “Earth Intruders.” We know this would’ve been great fodder for PhotoShop, but so it goes.

The desert air was still and cool, feeding an amped audience of hardcore Björk fans’ lunatic gesticulations to an extraordinary, emotional performance. Eye candy abound: Flags; lasers; illuminated, touchscreen synths; and a futuristic sonic croupier (see the pics below) decked the set, with the woman of honor’s barefoot bounding throughout.

Sure Volta was on display (“Earth Intruders,” “Wanderlust,” “Innocence,” and a maniacally raved up “Declare Independence”) — all of which DESTROY their studio counterparts live — but not at the expense of extensive, crowd-pleasing back-catalogue excursions. “Hunter,” “Unravel,” “All Is Full Of Love” … seriously too much to process.

We’re Post people ourselves, and after the industrial assault of “Army Of Me,” we prayed for “Hyperballad” (making us quick friends with the folks at our sides). And not two songs later, the bone-shaking bass rumble of that gem unfurled, the moment marked by a shooting star screaming over stage. A shooting fucking star. The gods were on our side, then, and last night’s “Hyperballad” was tweaked for our pleasure: Björk’s Polyphonic Spree-wardrobe-raiding ten-piece brass section taking over for an entire chorus, melodies reworked, bridges deconstructed, culminating in a frenzied drum ‘n’ bass celebration. “So nice to be in the desert with you!” Björk cried from stage. Lady, you have no idea.

01 “Earth Intruders”
02 “Hunter”
03 “Unravel”
04 “Oceania”
05 “All Is Full Of Love”
06 “Pleasure Is All Mine”
07 “Jòga”
08 “Pagan Poetry”
09 “Bachelorette”
10 “Vökuró”
11 “Army Of Me”
12 “Innocence”
13 “Wanderlust”
14 “Hyperballad”
15 “Pluto”
16 “Declare Independence”

Bjorkcity’s got four songs for you to watch.

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