Coachella: The New Pornographers Unveil Album Art Onstage, Play That Song From The Commercial

After maneuvering the Coachella grounds and getting ourselves situated, Stereogum’s Day Two began at the Outdoor Theater, taking in the New Pornographer’s spin on that Canadian indie rock of which we’re all so fond. But the minute Carl Newman’s mic went live, he dashed our hopes for a preview of material from the forthcoming Challengers: “So we have a new album coming out, and we’re not playing anything from it!” A quick stage scan revealed no Bejar nor Neko, and though the Pornos pyrotechnic pop is always a treat, we felt a quick sulk in the sun coming on.

“But…” continued Carl, “what you see behind you IS the new album’s artwork!” Yay, something to blog about! Challengers’ cover was designed by the absent Neko Case, displayed on a bright, color lightboard behind the Canadian supergroup. Have a gander…

We haven’t had a set with the New Pornographers since Lolla last, but they were excellent as always, opening with “Sing Me Spanish Techno” and working up toward the slow-swelling “The Bleeding Heart Show,” after which Carl joked “Where do I know that song from?”

After playing with the Pornographers some more (taking in “Jackie, Dressed In Cobras,” “The Jessica Numbers,” and “Use It”), we went back on our word and hit up PB&J at the Mohave tent. More on that in a moment. For now, please yourself with some Porno pics.