The Hives Lend A Hand To Timbaland, The Raconteurs

April’s been a busy month for Swedish garage rockers the Hives, though Howlin’ Pelle’s recent journal entry offers little info on the band’s forthcoming release (date TBD, title rumored to be the humble The World’s First Perfect Album.) Instead, Almqvist’s screed details the Swedes’ April of interesting cameos. First up, their day with Timbaland:

April 19: Shot video for the Timbaland song we are guesting on. It was an unbelievably LA experience. We basically ate catering, stood in front of a green screen, hung out with friendly female wrestling stars who showed us a few moves and managed to keep it Hives through the day. All of this at Universal studios.

And two days later…

April 21: Had breakfast with Jack White. Recorded footsteps for the new Raconteurs album. Those are some great guys.

Billboard reported that the Raconteurs are working on the next record in Nashville (with Jack producing again) but made no mention of this little guest slot. Also, unlike the friendly female wrestling stars, it appears Jack White did not manage to “keep it Hives” through the day. What a dick, right?