The Gossip About Keira Knightley’s Body Envy

Stick thin Pirates Of The Caribbean starlet Keria Knightley has joined the chorus of women praising the Gossip’s Beth Ditto for her proud, full-figured flaunting. She told Metro (via BWE):

When she (Beth Ditto) was performing she started taking all her clothes off. I stood there watching her strip, thinking, ?Oh my God, that woman is so sexy.? She has the most amazing body.

I went to the doctor to be checked out and asked him what I could do to put on weight. He told me that for someone of my body type to get to a size 12, I would have to eat a lot of sh*t food, stop exercising and drink loads.

Reach for the stars, Keira. All you have to do is follow Beth’s simple beauty tips: don’t do drugs, and hang out with people that have healthy perceptions of beauty, like Kate Moss and Perez Hilton. If Keira’s as desperate to stop doing movies and being famous as she says, that’s your recipe for success. There’s hope for you to bend it like Ditto yet, Keira. We’re pulling for ya.