New Fever Ray Video – “When I Grow Up”

Fever Ray, aka the Knife’s Karin Dreijer, created a sublimely creepy video for “If I Had A Heart,” the first track on her excellent self-titled debut. The atmosphere lets up for at least part of the beautiful Martin de Thurah-directed video for track two, “When I Grow Up.” (If Dreijer ends up making a video for track three “Dry And Dusty” next, I’ll begin to suspect some kind of serialized project for the collection). This is what de Thurah had to say about “When I Grow Up”‘s visual treatment:

That initial idea was something about something coming out of water — something which was about to take form – a state turning into something new. And a double headed creature not deciding which where to turn. But the idea had to take a simpler form, to let the song grow by itself. I remembered a photo I took in Croatia two years ago, a swimming pool with its shining blue color in a grey foggy autumn landscape.

Dive in:

Fever Ray – “If I Had A Heart” (MP3)

Fever Ray is out 3/24 via Mute.